Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Horses & Rats - Future Masters of World

While using Internet one must upgrade his knowledge about Horses and Rats, as these animals are no longer pets. Yes we are talking about Trojan horses[HORSE] And Remote Administration Tools [RAT].A Trojan horse, is malware that appears to perform a desirable function for the user prior to run or install but instead facilitates unauthorized access of the user's computer system where as A Remote Administration Tool is used to remotely connect and manage a Victims computers with a variety of tools, such as Screen/camera capture or control, File management, or whole Computer control. These are the harmful piece of software that looks legitimate. Users are typically tricked into loading and executing it on their systems.A Botnet is a collection of Such software agents, that run autonomously and automatically.
Recently on 24 April 2010, Trusteer, a web security company, reports that a trojan horse virus called Zeus can steal online banking details from infected computers. The virus has infected one out of every 3,000 computers of the 5,500,000 million which the company monitors in the world.
The trojan can infect users of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows, and steals login information by recording keystrokes when the machine connects to certain websites, usually banks or other financial institutions. The stolen data is transmitted to a remote server and sold to cyber-criminals.
Some Security experts has catagories Zeus as a financial malware. According to there research it infects consumer PCs, waits for them to log onto a list of targeted banks and financial institutions, and then steals their credentials and sends them to a remote server in real time. Additionally, it may inject HTML into the pages rendered by the browser, so that its own content is displayed together (or instead of) the genuine pages from the bank’s web server. Thus, it is able to ask the user to divulge more personal information, such as payment card number and PIN, one time passwords and TANs, etc.
Zues is understood to be the biggest culprit among the family of malware targeting the financial websites and institutions. According to some of the studies, as much as 44% of all financial malware are based upon Zeus.
Despite such an alarming state, it is shocking to know that most of the Latest Security Software, even if they are updated to the latest version, are incapable of finding and removing Zeus Malware infections. In a recent study by Trusteer, it has been revealed that as much as as 55% of all the tested 10,000 computers, which were equipped with the latest updated security software and antivirus, were not able to detect and remove the traces of Zeus Virus.
According to Anti Hacking Anticipation Society, till now no software, howsoever smart, intelligent and pricey, can buy you the absolute PC Security and Privacy. The safety of your computer is within user's own hands. user must exercise caution before you click on any link.

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